We can seamlessly integrate Amplitude with your business systems, unlocking the potential of behavioral analytics. This integration allows for a deep understanding of user interactions within your applications, providing a foundation for data-driven decision-making and strategy development.

Extracting and Utilizing Data from Amplitude

Through our ELT services, we extract valuable data from Amplitude, ensuring it's accurately captured and consolidated. This process allows your business to harness detailed user behavior insights, making it possible to tailor experiences, improve engagement, and drive growth based on solid data analysis.

Powering Advanced Analysis and AI with Amplitude Data

With data extracted from Amplitude, we enable your business to apply advanced analytics and AI techniques for predictive modeling, customer segmentation, and personalized marketing strategies. These capabilities transform raw data into actionable insights, offering a competitive edge and fostering innovation.


Data driven decisions

AI on behavior data

Predict churn

Marketing cost reduction

Let's bring your data & AI initiatives to life

The opportunity to let data create true impact in daily work has never been bigger. We're an experience team with roots in AI technology startups. With the right knowledge and hands-on mentality we unlock data initiatives that make a difference.

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