Your trusted partner in data & AI

The opportunity to let data create true impact in daily work has never been bigger. We're an experienced team with roots in AI technology startups. With the right knowledge and hands-on mentality, we unlock data initiatives that make a difference.

Our services and expertise

Develop a single source of truth for your teams

Your data lives in silos, stuck inside the different tools that your team uses. We develop the infrastructure to get reliable and combined data together in a central data warehouse. Enable your teams to make the best daily decisions, learn from the past and increase productivity.

Actionable insights that make a difference

Raw data does not make impact, insights that drive teams forward do. We work top-down to identity insights that truly answer business needs. Then we apply the best suited data modeling & AI technology to get these insights in your team's hands on a daily basis.

Enable your internal data to be used in AI

ChatGPT is showing the world what AI can do. We unlock your internal data to be used by Large Language Models and drive team productivity forward or launch new products & features for customers that were previously unthinkable.

Develop, launch and iterate on the right AI initiatives

Identify the AI initiatives that will deliver the most and fit your internal data, strategy and customers. Then we roll-up our sleeves and develop and launch full AI projects. Quality comes from iteration and we bring our analytics experience to the table to drive this forward.

Let's bring your data & AI initiatives to life, together.

We proudly work with these forward looking organizations to bring their data & AI initiatives to life. From the enterprise to the public sector and high-growth startups.

All of your data, right where you need it

Every data or AI initiative begins with having the right, clean, and trustworthy data in one place, collected from all your key sources. We help you create the fundament of decision-making & AI use-cases.

Our story . . . so far

Mozaik was founded by Gert Jan Spriensma & Vincent Hoogsteder, after extensive experience in founding & building AI startups.

Gert Jan and Vincent are data crunchers by heart. We spent the past two decades developing new products in the next generation of data technology. Diving into large data sets and kicking the tires of every core new piece of AI technology to understand its impact.

Besides the technology part, we have worked continuously with customers to understand their challenges & desires, and together shape a path where and how data technology is the solution.

Our team has one thing in common; a big smile on their faces when an initial seemingly overload and chaos turns into something crystal clear that AI can do its magic on.

We help our customers get their data in shape, to create strategic wins and develop their future with data & AI.