Amazon MWS

Gain complete control over your Amazon Marketplace operations. Our data consultancy expertly integrates Amazon MWS with your preferred analytics and business intelligence solutions. We streamline the extraction and transformation of your Amazon marketplace data, providing actionable insights across sales, inventory, customer behavior, and more. Optimize your Amazon strategy with the power of data.

Extracting Data from Amazon MWS

We unlock the full potential of your Amazon MWS data, going beyond standard sales reports. Our integration processes tap into order details, product listings, inventory levels, customer reviews, advertising performance, and competitor insights.  This granular data lays the foundation for in-depth analysis and informed decision-making.

Analysis & AI

Turn your Amazon MWS data into a competitive advantage. Our advanced analytics and AI models identify top-performing products, reveal profitable market niches, optimize pricing strategies, and streamline inventory forecasting.  Empower your team with the insights needed to outsmart the competition and maximize revenue on Amazon.


Improve operational efficiency

Marketing cost reduction

Data-driven decisions

AI on behavior data

Let's bring your data & AI initiatives to life

The opportunity to let data create true impact in daily work has never been bigger. We're an experience team with roots in AI technology startups. With the right knowledge and hands-on mentality we unlock data initiatives that make a difference.

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