January 30, 2024
Vincent Hoogsteder

Introducing Mozaik

Today, we’re very excited to introduce Mozaik to define, design, and develop groundbreaking AI. This is the start of the most exciting time in data technology, we help organizations navigate this from start to finish.

In the past twelve months, world-class models have become available as infrastructure, making AI more accessible than ever before. This is opening up more use cases than we could ever dream of and is redefining how we all work.

Hands-on experience with customer's data

Since the past summer, we've spent countless hours working with customers including Wolters Kluwer, the Dutch government, Dialog, Diversity Hero, and more, applying this new technology to real, complex in-house data sets. We’ve developed a step-by-step approach for customers to build their future with AI. 

Our step-by-step by process

We define how AI can transform their work, execute an AI Readiness Assessment of the internal data, get this data in shape for the best models, and develop the infrastructure for the engineering teams to hit the ground running. Learn more about our approach.

Use-cases & what's next

It gives our team such an energy boost to see a customer's dataset transform into conversational AI applications that find spot-on answers in huge document bases in a blink, create complete responses to support questions in 88% of cases, and automatically discover signals for sales teams to close more deals. Read more about our customer's use-cases.

This is just the beginning of what's to come on our journey with AI. Stay tuned!

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