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Unlock the power of AI and start transforming your business. Our experienced team, rooted in pioneering data & AI companies, is here to support you every step of the way. Let's join forces and start building AI solutions that make a difference.

How we can help

Assess your AI readiness and design a tailored solution

You want to harness the power of your AI but you don’t know where to begin and are stuck without making any progress? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We assess your current AI readiness and design a tailor-made roadmap to ensure you take the right steps to enable transformative AI in your business.

Build a data foundation that can power your teams and AI

You want to make data accessible and usable for everyone, including AI, but it is unavailable or trapped in silos? We help you implement the right data solutions and build an easy accessible data foundation. Become AI ready by allowing everyone to learn from data, make informed decisions, and boost productivity.

Kick-start the development of your transformative AI solutions

You want to build AI solutions that add value and delight end-users but you need development guidance and support? We roll-up our sleeves and work closely with your teams in a pragmatic manner, ensuring you can launch your first AI-powered solution and get happy end-users in no time!

Advance your AI capabilities via iterative experimentation

You want to keep improving your AI solutions but you find it hard to implement and leverage the latest AI innovations? We help you set up an AI quality framework that facilitates iterative experimentation, learning and improvement. This way you can adopt the latest innovations and stay ahead of the competition!

We help you bring data & AI initiatives to life and transform your business!

From enterprises and the public sector to high-growth startups, we can help. We proudly work with these forward looking organizations, transforming their business with data & AI.

All of your data, available to you and your AI

Every AI initiative needs data! We help you extract all the data you need from internal and external sources and store it in an easy accessible data fundament that can power your decision-making and AI use-cases.

Our story . . . so far

Mozaik was founded by Gert Jan Spriensma, Vincent Hoogsteder and Stijn Tonk bringing together extensive experience in founding and building tech startups and consulting in data & AI space.

We are passionate data crunchers that spent the past two decades building products using next generation of data & AI technology. We love to dive into the data and experiment with the latest AI technology to better understand its impact.

Besides the technology, we have worked continuously with business customers to comprehend their challenges & ambitions, and together see how new technology can improve their business.

Our team has one thing in common; a big smile on our faces when an initial complex challenge turns into a crystal clear solution through the magic of data & AI.

Let’s collaborate and turn your challenges into solutions that put a smile on your face!